The Unique Charm Of Stainless Steel

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The unique charm of stainless steel

1. In 1930, the roof panel of Chrysler Building in New York City, the first time in history that stainless steel trim panels were used in the main building, was a daring attempt to amaze innumerable spectators, and for the past 86 years it has only undergone very good maintenance

2. Known as the world's most beautiful steel modern building, located in the southern tip of New Zealand's southernmost town of New Plymouth, Len Lye Museum The completion of this magical building has attracted the attention of the global construction community. The facade of the building is made of highly polished 316 steel and has been artistically curved. The building is like a twinkling lighthouse, which attracts all eyes on the steel used in the construction, building and construction industries

These two examples fully demonstrate that stainless steel is attractive in its aesthetic and life-cycle perspective. There are countless other cases of steel in the ABC field around us.





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