The Characteristics Of The Metal Curtain

- Jun 14, 2017 -

1. High gain, big angle of view: Gain degree ≥ 4.5 to 8 above, high reduction sex, high uniformity, comprehensive index Ke 100, Angle Siate 120 to 160. 2. Good contrast: suitable for ordinary light under the projection, can completely eliminate diffuse reflection of the white plastic screen, scattering of glass beads often light under the projection of fog-like white background phenomenon. 3. Good color reduction: The screen image is vivid and realistic, is incomparable to other traditional screen. 4. Green environmental protection, no odor, the screen base ultra-thin soft can be folded, flat without curling. 5. Metal powder, adhesives are used imported materials, bonding firm, not falling off, not discoloration, anti-static, can be cleaned at any time. 6. A good matching cost-effective, metal screen from the economic point of view, not expensive to buy high lumen projector, the effect is still clear, crisp, color reduction is excellent, but also to make up for the light source equipment defects of the most realistic and ideal accessory products. 7: Easy to clean, moisture, longevity and other characteristics. However, the metal hard curtain can not be folded, and the metal density is larger, so it is inconvenient to transport. The metal soft screen can be easily folded, the volume greatly reduced, transport or carry is more convenient, however, its image reduction ability than metal hard screen, users can choose according to their actual needs of the product, there is full-color indoor display, outdoor full-color box, the whole screen, outdoor single two-color module, box, the whole screen, half outdoor single two-color unit board, the entire screen.

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