The Advent Of The Era Of Lightweight Aluminium

- Jun 14, 2017 -

The concept of green manufacturing and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the new wave of global technological revolution and industrial change. In the face of the increasingly stringent energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection policies, speeding up the promotion of lightweight level, is the automobile, rail transit, aerospace and other major transport areas to meet the challenges of choice. By 2020, the car fuel limit was 6 from 2015. Hanl II hundred kilometers to 5.0l-hundred kilometers, the average annual decline of about 6.2%. To develop new energy vehicles and enhance the level of lightweight is the main way for vehicle enterprises to meet the challenge. It is expected that the future consumption of aluminum sheet and strip will be more than 10%. In particular, the automotive sheet area, with the new energy vehicles and traditional cars four of the two-door application of the ratio continues to increase, the future market demand space is huge. In the field of rail transportation, the construction of high iron system and the acceleration of the development of urban rail transit system have promoted the extensive application of aluminum alloy bodywork in the fields of rail vehicles, and aluminum and aluminum sheets have become the main body material of rail vehicles. At present, China has more than 2000 high-speed EMU holdings, is expected to Thirteen-Five end of the car will reach 3000.

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