Spring Festival Is Approaching

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Near the Chinese New Year, many manufacturers have formulated and released the Spring Festival holiday

Many foreign customers should be worried about receiving the goods shipped

For you to better shopping and receive the goods

I hope the following suggestions can help you:

1.Speed up the speed of comparison of manufacturers of goods, satisfied with the goods is, before the factory holiday, fast transactions, to ensure that the goods received before the Spring Festival holiday

2.If the demand for goods is relatively large, you can send the sample to the supplier for inspection before the year of comparison. If you are satisfied, you can place the order first and then place the order after the year, and the safety insurance can have a lot of time to consider.

3.All factory workers before the Spring Festival holiday, the goods can not be normal system, customers are not in a hurry to wait patiently, after the Spring Festival is often the fastest time to ship the fastest

4.In an anxious take advantage of no holiday, quickly order payment

Do not worry you can slowly browse contrast

Own conclusion, can refer to .

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