Metal Curtain Type

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Lations metal annular curtain mosaic surface treatment technology The whole process adopts metal bonding technology in order to make the screen face between the seam and the surface can not see the gap traces, and do with the temperature, the external environment and the use of the length of time changes, will not lead to cracks in the seam or quality changes and so on. To maintain the integrity of the screen and to ensure that the image of the effect On the surface surface of the basic screen surface to do the optical processing, the entire surface treatment using spraying. The main materials for spraying are imaging particles and special metal powders which can increase the gain. Adhere to powder particles and so on dozens of of materials, and through the fine development and cost ratio of deployment, so that the use of spraying materials in the nature of the closest to the PT plate, and the spraying material into a liquid shape, so that it can be better sprayed on the surface. Do surface treatment so that a large metal screen in the field seamless stitching completed. Product safety has been used to pinch the best quality screen substrate, this material can be arbitrary bending deformation, not cracking, good flexibility, easy to transport, installation, easy to damage. In line with various types of engineering occasions can be multiple screen splicing, and according to the special size to do seamless stitching, in order to meet the requirements of various engineering occasions. And can be customized: 100 meters long annular curtain, spherical curtain.

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