Metal Curtain

- Jun 14, 2017 -

The metal screen is a honeycomb array of tightly formed metal molecules coated outside the resin sheet, from the surrounding incident of the interference light wave in the array when the oscillation, attenuation and absorption, this feature makes the Mocco projection screen with ultra-high contrast and super ambient light interference ability, black is more black, brighter color, even in the bright room, even in the outside of direct sunlight, can eliminate the traditional projection screen image blurred fog, provide a bright, clear perfect image effect, effective imaging point from the Ultra-fine, is the ordinary screen 1 50-1 30, this makes the display fine degree raise dozens of times times, the image is clear and exquisite, Rui Li incomparable. Especially in the display of dynamic video or pictures, a very strong sense of hierarchy and longitudinal image vivid and vivid, lifelike, especially suitable for film, 3D animation and game display. is divided into metal soft curtain and metal hard screen two kinds, the metal curtain has created the new projection concept with the traditional pearly screens, causes the low lumen projection equipment's screening effect to leap, the maximum degree filtered the ambient light, greatly enhanced the picture quality.

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