Factors Affecting The Quality Of Pattern Aluminum Plate Dyeing

- Jun 14, 2017 -

The oxide film has a great influence on the quality of aluminum plate. The oxide film refers to the thickness, porosity and transparency of the aluminum plate during the production process. The thickness of the film in the aluminum plate can be kept above 10um, porosity and transparency, so as to get better dyeing quality. Dyeing temperature: aluminum plate In the process of dyeing is divided into cold dyeing and heat dye. The use of cold dye, the time spent longer, in the process of dyeing medium-term color uniformity is better mastered. The use of heat dye time is relatively short, but in the process of dyeing the color of the control is more difficult. The temperature of the Gerain is usually 10-60 Shan. If in the process of dyeing, the temperature is too high, will reduce the dye adsorption, and easily lead to the surface of the aluminum plate. The influence of the raw material of aluminum sheet parts: Usually we are in the process of production of high-purity aluminum, aluminum and magnesium, aluminum manganese alloy after anodizing, which is the best dyeing function, can be dyed into a variety of colors. For the plate containing silicon or copper heavier, in the process of dyeing can only be dyed dark and black, more monotonous color. Dye concentration: aluminum plate concentration and dyeing there is a certain connection, if the aluminum plate dyed light, which concentration can be reduced a little, dyed into dark concentration can be one points higher.

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