Development Trend Of Industrial Aluminum Replacing Copper Steel

- Jun 14, 2017 -

In recent years, China's market demand for industrial aluminum profiles, because aluminum products have a light, anti-corrosive, easy to form, recyclable characteristics, in China to emphasize the premise of energy conservation and environmental protection, industrial aluminum in the transportation, home appliances, electronics and machinery and equipment applications in the field, to aluminum gradually replaced steel, copper and other traditional metal materials become the trend of development. Today, almost all international automotive brands have increased the development and application of aluminum alloy materials. How big is the energy saving effect of the automobile industry? The research data show that reducing the weight of the transportation tool is an effective way to reduce the fuel consumption, the key automotive parts use high-strength steel can only reduce the weight of 10%, the use of aluminum can reduce the vehicle weight of 40%. In addition to Low-carbon energy-saving, aluminum has a strong impact performance, the absorption of the impact energy is twice times the steel plate. In the process of Chinese railway leaping development, lightweight is the main way to realize high speed overload.

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