Characteristics Of Metal Annular Curtain

- Jun 14, 2017 -

First, gain high, angle of view big metal gray screen brightness gain average above 2.0, angle is not less than 170 °; The projector can greatly improve the brightness effect of the projection image on the metal screen. Second, the color reduction of good days the United States metal dust screen based on special imports of high reflective metal reflective coating made of film, its reflection principle and reflective effect and ordinary glass bead screen completely different. Lations Metal screen has no refractive index, will not damage the biased light, so the projector will be the pursuit of gorgeous colors all restored. Third, suitable for constant light projection with the projector lumen increasing, under the Changguang projection has become a demand and possible. Metal screen with reflective coating and special reflective principle, so that it is not susceptible to other miscellaneous light, under the Changguang to allow viewers to see only the projector image is not biased image, metal screen under the Changguang can still maintain a bright color, coupled with its high brightness gain, it is very suitable for Changguang under the projection. Four, the installation, the use of convenient, long life metal curtain to adapt to the vast number of users, especially the education industry user easy to install and move the requirements, the screen based on imports of special high reflective metal coating adhesion, normal use will not fall off, not yellowing, brightness gain never decay.

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