Application Range Of Metal Curtain

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Multimedia classrooms, command center, video conference room, business show, entertainment, advertising display, home theater and so on. PC Electronic metal Screen special board performance: can prevent screen splash screen, make the light source dispersed evenly, and can protect the screen surface, prolong the life of electronic screen, luminous brightness strong, in the visual distance to the surface of the direct sunlight screen, the display content is clearly visible. Super Gray control, with 1024-4096 levels of gray control, display color. 7M above, the color clear lifelike, three-dimensional strong. Static scanning technology using static lock scanning mode, high-power drive, Fully guaranteed luminous brightness. Automatic brightness adjustment with automatic brightness adjustment function, the best playback effect can be obtained in different brightness environments. The comprehensive use of imported integrated circuit, reliability greatly improved. Advanced technology comprehensive use of imported LSI, reliability greatly improved, easy to debug and maintenance. All-weather work completely adapt to outdoor all kinds of harsh environment, anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture, lightning protection, seismic overall performance strong

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