Aluminum Single Plate Processing

- Nov 27, 2018 -

Aluminum Single Plate:

Aluminum Single Plate material and sheet metal processing:

Aluminum single board adopts high quality and strength Aluminum Alloy Sheet , Its Commonly used thickness is 2,2.5 and 3.0.The maximum size of conventional material is 1220mm*2440mm.Its structure is mainly composed of a panel, Stiffener and bracket component.Code can be directly by the panel bending ,stamping molding ,But also in the small side panel on riveting corner molding . The reinforcing bar is connected with the rigidity of the Aluminum veneer ,and ensuring the flatness and the capability of resisting wind and earthquake in the long-term use.If sound insulation is needed ,the sound insulation material of the university can be installed inside the Aluminum plate.


Sheet metal process sketch map:

Cutting Blanking → Score → Incidence (Punching / Notching ) → Shaping (Bending are rolling ) → Jointing → Assembly → Polishing Grinding → Test → Spraying

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