Aluminum Curtain Wall Classification 2

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Aluminum curtain wall classification 

Different price of aluminum:

Aluminum veneer: the market is more chaotic, the product price (per square meter) from more than 200 yuan to 200 yuan, ranging from 350 yuan, upscale or even 600 yuan; about 200 yuan aluminum veneer quality can not be guaranteed; 350 yuan Around the aluminum does not include stiffeners, curtain wall grid size larger, the need to stiffener to limit the deformation of aluminum, aluminum plate to increase the intensity, but also increase the price.

Aluminum-plastic panels: the main problem is relatively poor durability and fire performance; panel thickness of only 0.5mm, durability is obviously not as good as 2.5mm thick aluminum veneer, but also in the sheet metal plate processing easy to damage the panel, resulting in durable The more poor sex; PE core material as a flame retardant, it is a flame retardant (combustion grade B1) rather than non-combustible, so the fire performance of the curtain wall is not good; good price of aluminum plate also per square 400 meters or so, but also the price of the flat, such as coupled with slotting, folding and supporting frames and other accessories, the price is 600 yuan per square meter.

Honeycomb aluminum panel: 1mm thick panel, durability is better than that of aluminum plastic panel, because the core material is also 0.06mm aluminum foil, so the honeycomb aluminum panel is non-combustible. The honeycomb aluminum panel has high strength and good flatness, Of the curtain wall; but the price is relatively high, 650 yuan per square meter.

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