Aluminum Curtain Wall Classification 1

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Aluminum curtain wall classification

Aluminum veneer: single-layer aluminum plate, commonly used plate thickness of 2.5mm and 3.0mm; when a single plate size is large, the surface smoothness is not easy to guarantee, especially in the sun when the board surface irregularities more prominent defects, Prone to temperature deformation, generally used for façade grid smaller walls.

Aluminum-plastic panels: 0.5mm panel for aluminum panels and backplane, core material for the PE plastic, aluminum and core heat from the commonly used thickness of 4mm, the combustion performance of B1 level, is a flame retardant body; plate surface is relatively flat, the price is relatively Lower, but the fire curtain has a certain impact, plate processing is easy to damage the panel.

Honeycomb Aluminum: The panel is 1mm thick aluminum plate, the back plate is 0.7mm thick aluminum plate, the honeycomb core plate is 0.06mm aluminum foil, three layers of composite, common thickness of 20mm or 25mm, plate surface is flat, the strength is higher, the price is relatively high , Apply to the curtain wall with larger grid size.




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