Stainless steel case

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Stainless steel case

In central Scotland, high above the Firth and Clyde Canal

The double horse sculpture at 30 meters should be the most impressive in the world of public art

Highlights of the work. Scottish sculptor Andy Scott's giant double horse

Head design inspired by the ancient canal fiberglass.

Scott said eight years after the first sketch began

Began a journey of cooperation with top British engineers. They are clever

Miaosi overcome many challenges, the original design expanded tenfold,

Two large knots of carbon steel and thousands of steel clad plates were made Structure.

Scott said: "I chose to use stainless steel because of its durability

And visual effects. "The architectural background is" vast sky ", plus

Distant mountains and unique natural light. Stainless steel has what I need

That kind of light, look elegant in the natural context. Although it is art

Works, however, are so massive that they have to be built like bridges

Do the same "Andy's sketch is electronically scanned into a 3D surface model type. Therefore, the construction of double-horse sculpture is perfect for Andy sketch copy. Project lead contractor SH Structure Tim

Burton said.

To keep the main structure efficient and robust, two are used each other

Connected, triangular support truss frame. Along the inner surface

The profile has a two-level frame, which is supported by stainless steel cladding

Layered two heads. Sculpture head is provided by Outokumpu

And cut 150 tons of 6 mm thick smooth 316L (S31603) stainless steel

Plate made. Special lighting is the crowning touch of the sculpture

Twilight horse brings dramatic changes in the night. Double horse sculpture most

The original is followed from the perspective of art and design, but the latter part of the cooperation,

It is made through a combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and outstanding structural engineering

Work transformation into outstanding public works of art

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