Outer chamber Curtain Wall Board installation

- Jun 14, 2017 -

As an outdoor wall board aluminum oxide board, in the installation of the need to carry out the correct installation operation to be able to get a flat and beautiful exterior walls, then we will come to understand the installation of aluminum oxide plate fixed recommendations. Before the installation of alumina board to do some preparatory work before construction, first of all, according to the design requirements of the building to choose the appropriate size of the material. Then, from the building itself, it is necessary to check the quality of the frame structure, such as the wall verticality, flatness deviation, will affect the overall effect of a building. Of course, there are other related construction tools, such as design and construction drawings, scaffolding and so on. The deviation of the length dimension of the various profile material of the curtain wall within the allowable range of the Chine 1mm, the deviation of the beam is within the allowable range of the Biong. 5mm, the deviation of the vertical frame is in the permissible range of Chine 1mm, and the bias of the end inclination is within the allowable limits of 15mm. Each processing surface must go burr and flying edge, the end of the head is not deformed.

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