Familiar with curtain wall profiles skeleton installation 2

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Familiar with curtain wall profiles skeleton installation

(3) profile skeleton installation

① aluminum (profile) profile installation of technical requirements

Check the installation dimensions of the mullions and rungs.

② aluminum profile installation and construction

The installation of metal curtain wall skeleton, according to the specific location of the payline. Installation work is generally from the bottom, pushed up layer by layer.

(4) insulation moisture barrier installation

If the design of the metal curtain wall, both the insulation layer and the moisture barrier, you should first install the moisture barrier, and then install the insulation layer on the moisture barrier.

Most of the metal curtain wall design is usually only the insulation layer without a moisture barrier, simply the insulation layer is mounted directly to the wall.

(5) fire cotton installation

Should use high-quality fireproof cotton, fire resistance deadline must meet the requirements of the relevant standards. Fireproof cotton fixed with galvanized copper, should be made of fireproof cotton continuous sealing between the floor and the metal plate between the vacancies to form a fire zone, the middle without gaps.

(6) Lightning protection facilities

Curtain wall design, will consider the entire curtain wall frame has an effective electrical conductivity, and provide enough lightning protection junction.

Lightning protection system and the building grounding measures generally by the specialized agencies responsible for the general requirements of the lightning protection system directly to the ground, should not be combined with power supply and other systems ground.

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