Familiar with curtain wall profiles skeleton installation 1

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Familiar with curtain wall profiles skeleton installation

1. Embedded parts production and installation inspection

① mullioned metal curtain wall and concrete structures should be connected through the embedded parts, embedded parts should be buried in the construction of the main structure of the concrete.

② The thickness of the anchor plate should be greater than 0.6 times the diameter of the bar, and the thickness of the anchor plate for the tensioned and bent parts should be greater than b / 8.

③ When the main structure of the concrete structure, if there is no condition to take embedded parts, should take other reliable connection measures, and should be tested to determine its carrying capacity. Expansion bolts are rear connectors and should be kept safe.

④ Both new and old buildings, when the main structure is a solid brick wall, it is not allowed to use expansion bolts to fix the rear anchor plate. It must penetrate through the wall with steel bars, weld the two ends of the steel bar to the wall and the wall respectivelyOutside the two plates.

2) Iron code installation and anti-rust treatment

① Before installation, we must first clean the embedded iron pieces.

② iron code installation and technical requirements

③ anti-rust treatment technical requirements

④ After all connectors are anchored, their overhanging end surfaces must be on the same vertical flat surface.

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