304 Stainless Steel Column Cover

304 Stainless Steel Column Cover With the rise of real estate in our country, the decoration profession to obtain rapid development, in the star hotel, upscale clubs, KTV and other places of high-grade engineering decoration, stainless steel Column cover panel decoration has become the most fashionable one of the main materials

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304 Stainless Steel Column Cover

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Product description:

Product Name: 
Stainless Steel Column Cover 

Material: 304 Stainless steel plate

Pattern:Customized Design available



1 . Q: Is the factory open to the customer?

A : We have several factories that you can choose to visit at any time

2. Q: Use in a word to describe your company situation?
A : With highly qualified employees ,Facing the world

3. Q: How is your employees service attitude ?

A :Most reliable and satisfying service plus 24-hour after sales service

Columm Cladding Features:

1. Can be fabricated for round, square or irregular shapes

2. Standard components include facing material, mounting channel, blocking and installation hardware

3. Optional components include top and base trim and reveals

Packaging & Shipping:

Standard Seaworthy Package By Wooden Pallet 


15-35 Days after order confirmed

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If you're satisfied with the design of 304 stainless steel column cover for sale, welcome to place orders with our factory. As one of leading Column Cladding Panel manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its quality and reasonable price. Also, the customized service is also supported.
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