Wood-like Aluminum Metal Facade Wall Cover

Wood-like Aluminum Metal Facade Wall Cover OEM bespoke fabrication and design team meet your special demand!

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Wood-like Aluminum Metal Facade Wall Cover

     Imitation wood grain aluminum smallpox is popular in modern European building materials, imitation wood grain aluminum products is classic elegant, natural style has become the representative of the noble fashion products, more with its vivid natural lumber visual effect and solid wood grain texture effect became the leading pioneer of fashion trend, moreover, have effect of wood grain aluminum instead of wood, the more protection to the survival of humans we make new contributions to the green world.

     Highly automated production, coupled with the international first-class professional manufacturer of high quality wood grain paper, make sure that the wood grain aluminum has a very high weather ability, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, acid resistance ability; At the same time has good prevent deformation, mildew and stripping performance, service life is more not less than 10 to 15 years, with South Korea institute of chemical industry testing test, both indoor and outdoor use material is the best choice.

After imitation wood grain aluminum products are launching, the application of universality and suitability are favored in the market.


1.No welding design , perfect rust proof

2.  No need of paint with maintenance

3.Electrostatic painting ,fadeless and colorful ,fashionable 

4.Various designs,easily assembled and installation

5.Strong resistance corrosion property, effectively prevent acid, alkali,and salt from  erode

6. With enough strength and  shock resistance property.

7.Using special spraying, anti ultraviolet light, colorfast, nonbrowning, indehiscent,non-foaming, no-worm, with almost 20 years



1. Very Easy to install, just screw, no welding. 

2. Correponding accessories,Detailed installation drawing and instruction will be provided with the delivery.

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