Interior Wood-like Aluminum Wall Cladding System

Interior Wood-like Aluminum Wall Cladding System

Interior Wood-like Aluminum Wall Cladding Aluminum Panel or profile is more workable to be shaped,bent, curved, could be able to fabricate any pattern as per architect’s demand.

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Product Details

Interior Wood-like Aluminum Wall Cladding System

Product description:

Product Name ;Aluminum wall cladding system 

Materials Name: aluminum Solid panel

Pattern Design :  Customized, ODM Design

Surface Color Type  Solid colors, Metallic colors, Woodgrain, Marble and Rock color, etc.

Warranty :Up to15 Years based on different coating

Surface:Mirror,Hairline,Embossed,Etched,PVD Colored

Place: Building,Hotel,Office,Room, etc

Keenhai Metal Wall Cladding Panel Competitive Advantage:

· A professional manufacturer, we have excellent design team and fabrication workers as well as advanced CNC facilities, we can produce the aluminum panels according to customer’s requirements for dimensions, specifications, shapes, structures, colors and competitive budgets. We can also send engineer to the site to measure installation specifications and work out shop drawings to help the customers with smooth installation.

· All aluminum panels are prefabricated according to customer’s designs and drawings, you only need to make a frame and prepare some bolts for installation, finally use some sealants to finish the gaps among panels. It is an easy job for envelope and decoration of buildings with RENOXBELL brand aluminum panels!

Company Introduction:

Transfer wood veneer:

1. Waterproof moisture ,transfer wood veneer is vacuum treatment,the wood grain film printed on the aluminum veneer on a high-grade metal decorative materials ,not only to resist the general water splash ,but also in the wet in the environment it can also keep the inside dry ,and will not affect the internal materials caused by mold or corrosion.

2. The processing technology performance ,and can be processed into a flat panel , curved plate and spherical panels and other complex geometric graphics.

3. Color optional wide ,rich ,good visual effects,decorative effect is excellent .

4. Recycling ,green:transfer wood veneer veneer finish,both to maintain the international popular bright style,but also to solve the glass curtain wall generated by light pollution problems.

5. The Construction of fast ,more cost:transfer wood grain aluminum veneer factory has been formed,no post-processing ,so the construction only need to install directly , low cost , quick replacement.

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